Welcome, Arthur 🇧🇷

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

181 М. рет қаралды1

    Жарияланды 29 күн бұрын

    Пікірлер: 191

    1. Beorn

      “And I say hey! (Hey!), What a wonderful kind of day……” YNWA 🏆🔴

    2. Tetsuo Max

      Welcome in the LFC family Arthur !!! YNWA

    3. Justin Freeman

      Welcome to Liverpool, Arthur! Hope you enjoy your time, getting to know your new teammates and learning from the best LFC manager ever, KLOPP

    4. T H A N O S

      Welcome to the LFC Family,Arthur❤♥️🔴🤙

    5. Sheryl Govender

      Welcome to the best FC in the world. Enjoy being a part of our LFC family. Looking forward to seeing you playing with the boys.

    6. Michael Olorunfemi

      @mohamad akil : We (LFC) are believers not doubters. He will give a 9 of 10 performance on his debut. 🤞✌️ YNWA

    7. JNTN

      Class CM and hope to see him do well in PL 22/23

    8. endoscopyst Astana

      Welcome bro!

    9. FootyXedtiz

      Start of a new midfield i like it!

    10. LigHt sO2

      2022-win europa league

    11. Agano Wira Wijaya

      Another brazilian, not bad

    12. Sahand tx021


    13. Alvinelnino

      Smoga cepat berhadaptasi🔥

    14. Au Nguyen

      Great Brasil player

    15. SwedishSlotNinja !

      Welcome to our family!

    16. mohamad akil

      we waited so long for this i hope he doesn't disappoint

    17. YoBask

      Midfield 3 of Thiago, Fabinho, Arthur. We’re looking dangerous this season

    18. Abdallah Ashraf

      Welcome to Liverpool FC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️❤️

    19. Adri Harjoko

      Can't expect too much.. just try to not get injured often..

    20. Siciid Geedi

      Arthur melo one of them best playmakers in the world (jegador)