WSL HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea | Stengel inspires comeback for opening day victory

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Enjoy the best of the action from Liverpool Women's WSL opening day victory against the reigning champions, Chelsea, at Prenton Park. LFC Women take on Everton this weekend at Anfield, grab your tickets to see the Reds by visiting
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    1. SoF

      Putting Chelsea in there place. Loving it

    2. Cross J

      What a run for that second penalty chance. Absoultely loved the atmosphere from the vids too!

    3. Danar Tri Atmojo

      More content from the Liverpool Women squad please..

    4. Beorn

      Thank you for uploading the highlights. Absolutely phenomenal result, I knew we would win on Sunday or get a point at the very least. Our 2 x Super League champions are back. Played some brilliant football and two well placed spot kicks by our goal machine Stengel. Meg’s long throw ins are always special and Katie getting the penalty of Buchanan was genius, what a run. Hope Kiernan is alright, that looked really nasty. Bring on the second Merseyside derby of the season at Anfield on Sunday. YNWA🏆🔴

    5. bigbambam b

      Go on liverpool.. well done ladies!!!💪⚽️⚽️

    6. A2000

      What a throw-in for the first goal!

    7. Zsgssyd Cdshshdyd

      Congrats to our girls I'm very proud of them I hope the win their remaining games in the league to win the league title

    8. ALI SATTI

      Stiengel has been the best signing last year helped us alot and doing bits like this mad player

    9. Patty Westside

      You got yourself a new fan. I never really followed the ladies but this video, the atmosphere, the passion and joy made me smile and excited. I even yelled FOUL across the room :D hope to see more highlights and hopefully some anfield magic with fans :-) ynwa

    10. S V Abhishek

      Great team work keep it up 🔥

    11. Anime Stand

      Kathy's run for the 2nd penalty was beautiful... Great player... Great result.

    12. nathaniel ogboru

      I get goose bumps watching this ❤️❤️❤️

    13. David D'Arcy

      great performance, superb comeback

    14. Richard Awuah

      Wat a win that is ❤🎉

    15. Shaun Portelli

      Fantastic win Reds! ❤❤

    16. Jp

      I'm so happy to see Liverpool women's team here, please put more

    17. YNWA

      Liverpool putting Chelsea back in the mud. Love it ladies

    18. darganx

      Looks like they've been training hard at Kirkby close season, beating the champions first day they look ready!

    19. Simon Fellows

      Brilliant result and performance ❤

    20. bluecalix

      Great comeback!